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The Fit show is over don’t lose your marketing momentum

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of the window, door and conservatory industry are in agreement that the FIT Show was a complete success. If there was any scepticism when the show was first announced that was blown away when the doors opened on that first day. To paraphrase the show’s official slogan ‘Everyone Went’ and the Telford International Arena was jam packed with some the best products and biggest names the industry has to offer.

Leading up to the FIT Show, many of the exhibitors embarked on very high profile marketing campaigns and with several Purplex clients exhibiting at the show, this is something I was heavily involved in. For some clients the marketing brief was relatively simple: drive as many visitors to our FIT Show stand as possible and create a buzz around our products/service.

From what I saw, many of the other exhibitors had the same idea. The trade magazines were full of FIT Show messages and the volume of marketing material in circulation seemed to noticeably increase.

Now the dust has settled from the show we enter a very different phase for the industry. Exhibitors are busy working through their leads and chasing up the enquiries they have generated.

This got me thinking….

The Marketing Wave

At Purplex we have a theory called the ‘marketing wave.’ This is a classic business mistake many business experience. Here, a company is experiencing a sales drought so the decision maker throws money at a big marketing campaign. Sales then start pick up – putting pressure on operations –so the company stops marketing. Sales slow down again and the wave continues.

This is not how you grow a successful and profitable business. Marketing works better when it’s consistent, generating a steady stream of sales leads and allowing time to nurture prospects through the buying cycle. This way you can get maximum value from each lead and see a much better conversion rate.

If I could offer one piece of advice for companies that exhibited at the FIT Show it would be this: don’t stop marketing! Exhibiting at the FIT Show was a fantastic PR opportunity for your business. You need to capitalise on this exposure and engage with as many potential customers as possible – either online, off-line or through personal contact.
That way you will continue to reap the benefits of the show, even when those three heady days in Telford are a distant memory.

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