Are your potential customers choosing you?

Andrew Scott CEO excited for this year's glazing summitIt doesn’t matter where we look these days, whichever direction will result in an avalanche of choices and options available to us. It means that winning the ‘hearts and minds’ of potential customers has become increasingly difficult and requires more resources and investment than ever before. So, how can you adapt to this changing customer landscape and make sure that, when it to the crunch, your business is the best choice?   

Andrew Scott, CEO of Purplex Marketing discusses how to rethink your approach to marketing in this month’s Glass Times Marketing Supplement.

Build brand loyalty

In today’s frantic, fast-paced world where we are overwhelmed with choice and have less available time, our buying habits are influenced by brands.

Whether it’s the phone you use, the car you drive, the trainers you wear or the coffee you drink, it comes down to familiarity and trust.

We are more likely to buy a product or service from a brand we know and trust because we have a perception of what it means. A Rolex means status, Primark means low price.

The companies with stronger brands attract more customers. And marketing experts know how valuable brand recognition is.

In a marketplace swamped with choice, customers are more likely to request a quote, place an order and spend more with a familiar brand that they trust than one they don’t recognise.

Make sure your customers can see you

The major shift in choice and options doesn’t just relate to products – it applies to the way we consume information too.

In years gone by, positioning your brand in front of potential customers was easy with a handful of advertising channels.

Today, there are hundreds of marketing channels, media and platforms and customers interact with different channels at different times for different reasons.

Perhaps Facebook in the morning, radio on the way to work, email and LinkedIn during the day, browsing online while watching Netflix in the evening and keeping a track of the kids via Snapchat.

Traditional is still effective 

While music streaming and podcasts on earphones have opened a huge information channel for marketing messages, traditional marketing channels should not be overlooked.

Passive and subliminal advertising, such as outdoor billboards and buses, are as powerful as ever, magazines and direct mail are having a resurgence, and radio is ‘fighting back’ against digital marketing.

You can have the strongest brand, great content and a large budget, but it is meaningless unless you go where your customers are.

We can’t avoid the shift in customer behaviour – it has already happened. Which means you must rethink how you approach marketing and business growth. 

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