In an ever-changing world, there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to social media marketing. With packages tailored to suit your specific business, our bespoke social media packages include:

  • Exclusive social media marketing strategy
  • Meticulous writing, editing & proofreading skills
  • Competitor research & analysis
  • Publishing & scheduling via a range of social platforms, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Community management
  • Unmatched industry insight
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Browse through a selection of our own company blogs below and discover why our clients choose us over the competition for social media marketing:

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What is social media?

The Oxford Dictionary defines social media as 'websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.' Transforming the way people communicate, work, and shop, our team of social media experts will create entertaining and informative content to keep your audience engaged, heighten brand awareness, and boost website traffic and sales conversions.

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Dedicated team of social media marketing consultants

No matter the industry, from interior design to tourism and housing to food & drink, our in-house team of social media specialists are unrivalled in their passion and knowledge to create compelling campaigns that strengthen your brand engagement whilst simultaneously generating quality leads and growing your revenue. An eclectic tribe of professionals who work and play together, and live social media marketing.

Who Are Purplex

Intuitive social media marketing

The links we share across your social platforms work to increase your brand exposure, and the more people that share those links generate social signals to indicate your posts are worthwhile to your target audience. Utilising the best social media marketing tools available, Purplex Marketing combines the best creative minds with unmatched social expertise to drive your business forward and open up limitless possibilities.

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Why choose Purplex for your social media marketing?

Yes, it’s about results. But our clients also love our business approach, industry experience and working with our team. Here are 5 top reasons why our clients choose Purplex over anyone else, year after year, for their social media marketing:

  • A knowledgeable, skilled & energetic team of social media experts
  • Head-turning graphics & cinema-worthy promotional videos
  • A ceaseless drive to meet & exceed your expectations
  • Science-driven social media strategies
  • World-class social media results

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“Dekko has grown from £6m to £20+ over the last 8 years and we simply couldn’t have achieved it without Purplex. Our brand is well recognised and the exposure we get through the press, social media and online consistently puts us in front of good quality prospects.”

Kurt Greatrex - Sales Director, Dekko Window Systems

“I use Purplex Marketing for my company’s PR, digital and creative requirements and have always found them to be diligent, proactive and efficient. They are open to learning in-depth about our products, have a good understanding of our industry and take on board feedback which makes it easy to work with them.”

Charlotte Hawkes - Head of Marketing, Edgetech

“Purplex have really shown their worth since we started working with them and they did a fantastic job on our website. They have helped us increase our brand exposure and delivered consistent results. When it comes to building products, Purplex know the industry and what works, and re-signing back up was an easy decision and one we believe will help us keep pushing forward”

Warren Muschialli - Managing Director, Newton Waterproofing

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