Dangers of dealing with crooked marketing agencies

Marketing agencies and marketing service providers come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not just your standalone marketing agencies that provide services from website design and SEO to brochures and branding. Well-known brands such as and Suppliers with marketing support packages will also be beating down your door to help you with your marketing and lead generation strategies. The challenge is knowing how to pick a good one. – One to avoid!

Yell are currently under investigation by Trading Standards after a motion was passed in Parliament on the 9th June for an urgent investigation into mis-selling practices. Yell have been accused of claiming to get customers to the top of Google without a proper understanding of what it takes to achieve this, along with hard sell tactics and staff posting fake reviews.

They also use questionable tools such as their “Online Reputation Scan” which looks up your business address and cross references it with online directories and reviews. When investigating the tool we took a look at Amazon’s head office in London and the report revealed a 94% error for the world’s largest online retailer.

Your marketing assets are your castle – Make sure you have got the keys

We’ve heard some horror stories over the years about marketing agencies and supplier installer support schemes effectively locking their clients into agreements or making it hard to disentangle and move to another agency. For example, where agency or supplier have registered domain names on behalf of clients and then not released these to the client or sold websites with T&Cs that state the website is still the property of the supplier.

Even more commonly we are talking to companies who’ve been sold websites where the agency has cut corners purchasing pre-built themes to quickly build the website that then means making bespoke changes are very challenging or not possible due to the constraints in the way the website has been built.

It is important to hold onto your brand whether its online or in print and one obvious way to do this is to be in full control of your marketing brochures. Having your own branded brochures will set you apart from competitors who are using suppliers’ brochures and enable you to get across the benefits of working with you.

How to pick a partner you can trust?

Now more than ever it is important to choose a marketing partner you can trust. At Purplex we work with clients for the long term, get to know your business and work on strategies that will enable you to navigate these unusual times. We conduct our work ethically, without the need for fake reviews, misleading contracts or lockdown marketing assets.

For a safe pair of hands talk to the team at Purplex who’ve have been trusted by 100’s of clients in the building products sector, across trade, retail and commercial sectors since 2004. With Purplex you get expert industry knowledge, commercial insight and a team of over 70 specialist marketing experts who know what it takes to grow your brand and help you attract new loyal customers.

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