Five lead generation strategies and tactics for growth

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Wooing and winning customers is the prime motivation of any business, no matter how large or small. Some do it purely by word of mouth – a reliable and inexpensive plumber, for example, will have very little trouble finding repeat work. For the majority, however, regular attention needs to be paid to how potential leads are generated and how they can be turned into strategies for business growth.

Based on our own experience of content marketing, and the way we work with our clients, here are five examples of how to build a lead generation strategy for a target audience, plus tips from industry giants about retaining new business for the long term.

1: Create multiple opportunities to connect

Today’s customers need multiple ways to engage with your brand. If you’re only putting out a telephone number, you’re going to be waiting a very long time for it to ring. To draw in potential customers you have to think of several smart ways of catching their attention so that they will provide you with contact information. For example, you could develop ‘expert’ resources such as white papers, newsletters, webinars, case studies and other inclusive methods of addressing your audience’s expectations, offering these as free downloads in exchange for their email address.

2: Make sure your ad copy is top-notch

It’s tempting, in this tech-driven world, to simply copy and paste an article, blog post or other piece of copy and shoehorn it into your own offering. As a marketing agency with a mission to tell stories, this simply won’t do. Plus, the rise of AI means that copy is becoming more generic. Where you can, create compelling and valuable copy that is clear in its purpose, grabs attention and encourages curiosity to know more about your product or service. Tell a story! We’re all capable of doing this, so let’s use our storytelling powers to get ahead of the AI-addicted pack.

3: Landing pages that land conversions

Landing pages should clearly communicate what your offer is and why the visitor should be interested in it. Any other information is irrelevant and/or better suited to less prominent pages. Your landing page is your shop-window; the place where the visitor understands immediately what’s on offer and how it will benefit them. So minimise distractions, keep them design simple and informative, and always remember a call-to-action button that sends the visitor to the ‘contact us’ page.

4: Join The Club

Don’t just try to sell something to someone, get them onside by persuading them to be part of the brand. You could provide access to premium content, exclusive deals or first access to new features. You might also run competitions that require those entering to share their contact details with you. And you can also position your brand as a ‘must-have’. Look at how a company like Apple has shifted its iPhones by promoting sleek design, user-friendly interfaces and strong brand awareness. It doesn’t matter than more than a billion people use them – they still have the feel of exclusivity.

5: Market – then remarket

They came, they saw….and then they went away again. A sobering statistic states that around 80 per cent of new leads never turn into sales. They may have visited, ‘liked’ your page or even dropped a purchase into the shopping cart and for some reason didn’t complete the sale. Don’t just assume that these visitors won’t ever come back. They might have left for a myriad of reasons, so chase them up by showing personalised ads based on their previous actions (like the cart that was never paid for) or target them via social media. Amazon is highly tuned this way, offering alternatives to the item you looked at or accessories that might persuade you into purchasing a package of goods, including the item you were looking at that. Learn from the experts!

Creating and honing a successful lead generation strategy requires careful planning, creativity, flexibility and sharp market knowledge. And remember – the hardest part isn’t always generating leads but converting them into sales, and loyal customers who will come back repeatedly. Do this, and your strategy will certainly bear fruit.

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