Building an unbreakable business mindset in tough times

Andrew Scott, founder and managing director of Purplex Marketing

With the recent demise of some of the glazing industry’s biggest players, our founder and MD, Andrew Scott, is exploring entrepreneurship and what it takes to be successful in such turbulent economic times.

A few weeks ago, the Everest glazing company went into administration for the second time in four years. For those of us who remember this company as being a byword for the rapid spread of fashionable double glazing, this was sad news.

Everest began in the mid-1960s and quickly cornered the UK market for double glazing. The spectacular growth and can-do attitude of the company impressed all of us in the glazing industry. Yet, despite all efforts to revitalise the brand, it failed. Its time had come and gone, leaving room for smaller and nimbler companies to make an impact.

Such is the way of the entrepreneur. You pour all your drive, energy and imagination into an idea you believe will work. You work endless days, weeks and months to refine that idea while persuading others (sceptics, usually) that you’re ‘on to something’. You tend not to think of the negatives; instead, you keep pushing forward, weathering storms and constantly innovating to keep ahead of the pack.

Entrepreneurism is, or can be, an exhausting way to live and in the case of Everest, it seems that the Covid pandemic was a storm too far. Sixty years is a long, long time in business, and it is the case that even the biggest brands can and do go to the wall. So why be an entrepreneur?

Reframing challenges as opportunities

For me, entrepreneurship keeps things interesting. There is always something exciting on the horizon, a dream to make real, a goal to pursue. When I started Purplex 20 years ago this year, I had little more than a promising idea and a few contacts. Fast forward two decades and this company has survived and is thriving. Why? Because being an entrepreneur is a way of life, not a career. My team and I are always looking forward, finding ways to embrace the future of our industry. And yes, navigating the various storms that inevitably hit economies, and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What characteristics do we associate with entrepreneurship, and why is it still important? Here are my top five:

1: Vision

To be an entrepreneur you must have a vision and believe in it 100 per cent. It’s not about giving yourself a job. That’s self-employment. Entrepreneurship focuses on a long-term growth strategy that harnesses vision and innovation.

2: Resilience

The writer Samuel Beckett famously said: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” That could be the entrepreneur’s motto. The road to success is rarely smooth, but you must keep going until the odds turn in your favour. And if they don’t, know when to take another direction…

3: Positivity

Entrepreneurs are often accused of being ‘over optimistic’. In my book, you can’t have enough positivity, and if you’re upbeat your team will feel the same.

4: Risk

The ability to take a punt on something is a key component of the entrepreneur’s make-up. Calculated risks, of course, but risks nonetheless.

5: Responsibility

Own all your decisions, and don’t blame others if they don’t always work out. Own up and move on.

Marketing is crucial during tough times

Another key area of entrepreneurship is learning to trust others with your ideas. Often, this might mean outsourcing key areas of your operation. Let’s take marketing, for example. As a company, Purplex understands that entrepreneurs cannot do everything themselves. Our full-service marketing operation delivers public relations, digital content, video production, website creation and much more. We deliver powerful marketing campaigns that build brands and create sustainable, profitable growth, taking the pressure away from business leaders who need to concentrate on long-term strategy.

That’s entrepreneurship – a high-wire act indeed, but one that is ultimately thrilling and highly satisfying!

How to build business resilience for the long haul

If you’re starting out in business and have aspirations of becoming a thriving entrepreneur but need additional guidance on your objectives and marketing strategy, contact Purplex Marketing. Get in touch with the team of specialists today to see how they can help your business achieve vision and growth.

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