Why you should be using video for your Digital Marketing

Andrew Scott, Managing Director of business and marketing consultants Purplex, discusses why video is now an essential part of the marketing toolkit.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, then imagine how much more valuable a video is?

While video has always played a part in any marketing campaign, as technology advances further it now needs to play a central role as it is the perfect platform for any company or brand looking to connect with new and existing customers.

It should now be a vital component of an effective marketing strategy and is transforming customer engagement on the web.

Research shows that people are much more likely to retain information from a video rather than reading it.

A video showcases your business, demonstrates your products or services and helps spread your news, creating a buzz that gets the industry talking.

Simply put, video helps convert more visitors into customers – and if you aren’t creating video, you’re likely falling behind.

Video Production

From demo videos showcasing how your product works to case study and customer testimonial videos featuring happy, loyal customers, video is a great way to engage with and educate your customers.

Not only does it allow you to connect with your audience in a more personal way, it allows potential customers to peer behind the curtain.
There are all types of videos you can use to engage potential customers.

Having someone engage face to face is the most natural form of communication, so having an expert interview or a meet the team video is perfect, after all, people buy from people.

If you want to communicate your company values then a video is a good idea, while video coverage of an event can generate a buzz and demand for future events.

Your social strategy

Video needs to play an even more prominent role when it comes to your social media strategy.

Video has absolutely dominated social media as it is more convenient for consumers to engage with and generates massive engagement with global consumers.

With the speed that consumers scroll through their social media feeds, you must have a memorable video that is attention grabbing.

And with so many videos all trying to get attention, it’s getting harder for companies to stand out from the crowd.

Companies need engagement, and an animated video is a way of providing just that. Animated video is an engaging tool to tell your story and can bring concepts to life in ways that live videos can’t.

Purplex are at the cutting edge

Quality video is essential for any business wanting to portray the right image, and our Video Production department has a rare ability to direct shoots and oversee production to get exactly the right outcomes for clients, whether it’s a consumer video for a website or a video advert for TV.

We are at the cutting edge with the latest equipment, professional post-production and campaign driven marketing and have a dedicated visual studio at our Bristol offices, fully equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, lighting and sound recording, along with the latest editing and graphics software.

Our experienced, professional video crew will work with clients on both studio and on-location shoots, and will travel anywhere in the UK or beyond
We can also promote your events across the industry with live coverage and interviews with attendees, circulated via our media partners.

For more information, call 01934 808132 or get in contact below.

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