Feel like you’re wasting your time on social media?

Social media has exploded, but is it worth your while?

So many platforms, so little time. How on earth are you going to keep up with all the different social sites available? You’re busy running your business so when are you going to have the time to tweet, post, blog, share, link etc. What do you post anyway? What if nobody shares/likes/retweets it? Oh, and then there’s all those passwords to remember too.

I guess you could always delegate it to someone else in your company, or schedule a load of automatic posts across all social media platforms. Never mind that different content works better on different sites. Or your new social media manager might post something damaging to the company, losing you business and destroying your brand.

Eek, maybe it’s just better to not bother at all. I mean it’s not like any of your potential customers are going to be on these sites. Are they?

Social media can sound very daunting when you put it like that, but it’s not as scary as it sounds. With the right team behind you, you can improve your online presence and engage with thousands of potential customers through the power of social media.

Purplex has the time and the knowledge to get you started, or help you grow, using social media. We know what to post, when to post it and who to post it to so you don’t have to worry about thinking up fresh content every day – we’ve got it sorted.

All posts are tailored to each specific site, and we have guidelines in place to ensure your passwords are kept safe and no offensive or sensitive content is published on your behalf.

So don’t waste your time on social media. Call Purplex on 01934 808132 instead and get us to manage everything for you.

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