Why develop your email campaigns for mobile?

The display of emails on a desktop computer differs greatly from emails that are viewed on a mobile device. Why is this? Well, this is due to screen size. Mobile devices struggle as they do not have as much room to display a graphical email which has been designed to a larger, desktop size. And with nearly half of all emails opened on a mobile device, it is imperative to optimise email campaigns for mobile in order to increase the success of your campaigns.

Some mobile devices only display a small section of the email, forcing the user to have to endlessly scroll both vertically and horizontally in order to view the email’s contents. Other mobile devices scale the email down to the width of its screen; however this leaves users squinting to read the small text. Much like the fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, emails need to be designed so they are displayed not too large, not too small, but so that they are just right (Did you see what I did here?).

Responsive design techniques in email marketing

Fortunately it is possible to incorporate responsive design techniques, which enables one single email to adapt how it is displayed on each device. This means that the email will adapt and be ‘just right’ on a mobile device, resulting in a far more user friendly experience. A happier recipient means that they are less likely to disregard the email from the off, meaning better open rates, click-through rates and overall response.

What does this mean for your email marketing strategy? It’s quite simple, really; optimise your email campaigns for mobile.

“How do I create a responsive design?” I hear you ask. Watch this space.

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