What is a PR consultant and how do they help businesses?


As a full-service marketing company we’re often asked, ‘What is Public Relations?’, a question quickly followed up by ‘Why is it useful for my business?’ In this article we’ll explore both questions to help you understand what PR is, what a PR consultant does and how an effective PR strategy can take your business to the next level.

What is PR?

So what is PR? The short answer is that it is any activity which promotes a message to the wider world on behalf of an individual, a business or an organisation. It can manifest itself as a thought-leader and a vehicle to increase brand loyalty and change audience perceptions, as well as driving the day-to-day flow of news and views.

PR plays a vital role in shaping a company’s reputation, image and communications strategy. Purplex looks after a variety of clients across a range of sectors to make sure that these businesses are ahead of their rivals in terms of visibility in both traditional and digital media, as well as in email marketing campaigns, blogs, videos, social media and on their own websites.

So a PR consultant is a skilled professional who distils a company’s news, products, key messages and more to create content that can be shared externally. PR consultants also advise on the creation of compelling narratives and attractive messages, building relationships with media professionals and generally making sure that opportunities for their clients to get in front of the public are maximised.

Modern PR consultant skills

Modern PR consultants have – or should have – a 360 approach to everything they do. In this media-driven age, business never sleeps, and the PR consultant is always switched on to whatever might be trending, day-to-day and even hour-to-hour. Businesses are far more media-savvy then they ever have been, especially in the digital arena, and PR consultants must stay ahead of this fast-moving game.

PR consultants have other roles too. They plan events and appearances for their clients, measure results in terms of coverage achieved and look after their clients’ reputation should it be challenged in public.

Is PR effective?

PR is an expansive, all-encompassing trade. The big question is – does it work? The unequivocal answer is ‘YES.’ PR done properly, involving good, clear channels of communication with clients, their customers and the media can reap rewards for businesses prepared to share their story. Below are just some of the ways PR consultants can assist their clients to help turn brand awareness into sales:

1: Greater visibility

By placing stories in the media, arranging interviews, contributing to editorials and blogs, PR consultants keep their clients visible to their audience.

2: Reputation awareness

PR consultants nurture and enhance their clients’ reputation by carefully managing media interactions to build trust and credibility.

3: Brand management

Today, this is vital. Trusted brands encourage long-term loyalty, and the most trusted brands are industry leaders. The PR consultant helps to curate such brands, enhancing them with messages that resonate with those loyal to the brand.

4: Accountability

A carefully targeted PR campaign brings rewards, and it’s vital that this value is measurable via increased web traffic, social media interaction and good old-fashioned column inches.

Effective and powerful PR strategies

According to Purplex PR Manager Stephanie Massie, PR is a ‘hugely valuable’ tool used by the company to form a key part of its client strategies.

“Our team will create a bespoke strategy depending on the client’s goals and objectives, for example whether they’re targeting B2B or B2C, or if they are wanting to change perceptions or even sell the business in years to come,” she said.

“It’s extremely rewarding when we see these strategies put into action. A recent key highlight for our team was working on behalf of Shelforce, a manufacturing business with a 75% disabled workforce, where we supported them in winning a King’s Award for Enterprise in Promoting Opportunity (through social mobility).

“As part of the winner’s announcement we organised a press day securing TV coverage with ITV Midlands and BBC West Midlands, and other platforms including Greatest Hits Radio, BBC West Midlands Radio and BBC Online – resulting in a coverage reach of 78.9m!”

Delivering impactful results through the power of PR

Clear communication that delivers demonstrable results while increasing brand awareness is the secret to an effective PR strategy. To find out more about what Purplex can do for your business check out our latest case studies or get in touch with our team of marketers. We’re always pleased to offer our help and support.

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