Is direct mail the answer?


Is Direct Mail dead? or does it provide a unique hold in today's digital marketing? find out more..

As the digital world continues to develop at an alarming rate, we constantly hear the phrase ‘direct mail is dead, it is all about online’. But what if it isn’t and in fact direct mail holds the answers?

Consider this… in one day how many emails, tweets, online adverts do you get from companies wanting to promote their products? And, in comparison, how many letters, postcards or flyers do you receive?

As digital channels become the most popular method of communication, there is more competition to get your message seen. Whereas fewer companies are opting for direct mail for their marketing campaigns, so yours may be the only one to land that day, maybe even that week – thus instantly grabbing the reader’s attention.

The value of direct mail is still prevalent, and as the oldest form of marketing, has withstood all of the changes in technology. What’s more it offers a good return on investment, with research finding an average £3.22 ROI compared to £3.12 online – for every £1 spent.

A high impact creative will look professional and add to the trust and credibility of your brand. It also offers the opportunity for people to touch, play with and hold your direct mail, leaving it on a desk to be found at a later date, pinned up on the wall to be noticed for years to come. 18% of direct mail is kept and looked at again. As your potential customers may not be ready to purchase from you immediately, it is important to be connecting with them when they are ready to make the decision, and by sending a direct mail that is memorable and they keep hold of means you already have one foot in the door.

This is not to say that direct mail should be used as a stand-alone form of communication. It is still important to use other forms of marketing alongside it, but consider direct mail as an integral part of your marketing budget. Take the leaders of internet marketing, Google; the billion dollar company that epitomise the world of technology and online, they still consider direct mail an important part of their marketing plans, promoting new offers or services to their customers through a creative piece of direct mail.

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