Prioritising purpose, planning and execution with your marketing in 2024

Our founder and MD, Andrew Scott reveals the unique marketing strategies he follows to help businesses achieve sustainable, long term growth.

Rewind the clock to 2004 and fresh from acquiring, buying and selling several companies in the window industry I launched Purplex, a consultancy working specifically with fabricators and installers and advising them on how to take their business to the next level.

I recognised that many companies in the window industry were (in fact, many still are) run by owner managers, and many did not have access to good business partners or advisors to help with their overall strategy. Running a business can be a lonely place, and I launched Purplex to offer practical, hands-on advice tailored to the unique needs of fabricators and installers.

From these early client interactions, it became apparent that the biggest challenges facing this audience was marketing. Fabricators knew how to make a good window and installers knew how to fit it, but building their brand and generating leads was a different ball game – and I saw an opportunity for Purplex to offer marketing solutions backed with industry know-how to service this need.

Purpose. Planning. Execution.

20 years on and Purplex is a full-service agency offering everything from PR and social media to video production, web design and graphic design. It’s part of the Ascot Group, which includes industry specialist Insight Data, and employs just over 100 full time staff and services over 150 clients.

Purplex has developed enormously since 2004 but our core values remain the same, namely the over-arching principle that guides all our marketing strategies. An acronym for Purpose, Planning and Execution, Purplex is a unique set of strategies I have developed and refined to enable companies within the fenestration industry to survive and thrive – even in periods of downturn. It’s impossible to explain the complexities of the formula in just a few words so here is a top-level overview:


Before starting any marketing activity, first we define the purpose. This could be wanting more sales leads, increasing brand awareness, upselling or cross selling to existing customers or perhaps establishing a new route to market. It’s highly important we define the purpose at the start as it will drive all the activity going forward.


Once the purpose has been nailed down, we then move onto the planning stage. Here we’ll map out the strategy in detail, enabling clients to see what activity is happening on a weekly, monthly or sometimes even daily place. The plan will be tailored to the unique needs of the client and will be continually fine-tuned as the campaign evolves.


Finally, it’s all about the execution where our expert team of marketers work seamlessly to deliver the campaign. This is when the magic truly happens, and clients start to see the fruits of our labour.

Home improvement marketing in 2024

While our core purpose, plan and execute principles have remained the same for almost two decades, the marketing landscape has changed drastically, and the rule book will inevitably change again in 2024. In the last year alone, artificial intelligence (AI) has redefined the way we look at content creation, while areas such as marketing automation and influencer marketing continue to become more influential. From a Purplex perspective, our finger is fully on the pulse and we always react quickly to any new developments, quickly filtering the benefits across to our clients.

On a personal note, I’ve been working on new ideas and marketing models to guarantee we can support ambitious companies into the new year. I recently sold two of my businesses – media company Business Leader, which was acquired by Richard Harpin, the founder of £4bn Homserve PLC; and the Glazing Summit, which was acquired by Mark Allen Group – and this frees me up to get back ‘in the trenches’ and working directly on more client strategies.

While the economic outlook looks bleak, let’s not let it deter us from taking advantage of the fresh start that a brand new year brings. I’m excited for the challenges that lie ahead and look forward to partnering with business to help them navigate the evolving marketing landscape.

If you’re looking for ways to elevate your 2024 marketing strategy, get in touch with our team today. With unrivalled industry knowledge and incredible marketing expertise we have supported hundreds of clients in the home improvement industry to cut through the noise, improve brand awareness and generate new leads – what are you waiting for?

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