Social media soaring through lockdown

With Purplex clients seeing a 76% increase in organic social media enquiries in April and a 157% increase in Facebook leads year on year in April, leading marketing expert and Purplex CEO Andrew Scott discusses why social media has proved crucial for fenestration businesses during the Covid-19 crisis.

When it comes to marketing and building your brand you must be where your customers are and, in many ways, the lockdown has made it easier to target them.

Confined to their homes for an extended period, engaging with communication channels online, in print and over the airwaves has been the only link to the world outside.

As a result of these unprecedented times, social media has become more important now than ever.

Usage time skyrockets

In March there was a reported 70% increase in social media traffic with people turning to apps to stay connected to friends and family, keep up-to-date with the news, and keep them informed while spending more time at home.

On top of this, Facebook and Instagram Live sessions also increased by over 50% as brands, influencers and individuals alike connected with their audience in a more immediate and inclusive way.

And while full stats are yet to be released for April, if March’s data is anything to go by – with only a quarter of the month in lockdown – time spent on social media usage will have increased dramatically again.

An extension of your customer service

With businesses forced to close factories and showrooms, keeping the customer service side of things open has been crucial. And, social media has been playing a huge role in helping to do that.

During lockdown customers have been heading to social media for answers to their questions, with the most popular ones we have seen come through within the B2C fenestration and home improvement industry being what services are open; how to get a quote; emergency repairs; changes to booked installations; and how to get in touch.

Those companies who have been using social media to reassure customers, engage with them and build relationships will have a loyal audience as the lockdown is slowly lifted.

Convenient quote requests

What is interesting is that the year-on-year data shows that customers getting in touch via social media looking for quotes is on the rise.

Both March and April 2020 outperformed their 2019 months, even with uncertainty and the enforced lockdown, while enquiries were up 75% in March and 76% in April.

Having monitored this trend and reported a year-on-year growth over the last four years, it has been hugely promising to see it continue during these uncertain times.

Stay safe, stay social

While the country slowly shifts out of lockdown there is bound to be a huge period of adjustment. Indeed, with the uncertainty of a second spike of the Covid-19 virus and reports that a vaccine could be a long time coming, social media is set to play an integral part of people’s behaviour moving forward and be the ‘go-to’ place for many enquiring about a project, more information or a price.

Our customers have really seen the benefit of investing in social media during the lockdown and as a result are ready to take advantage and bounce back with the perfect head start.

So, while you need to be sitting across all channels for your marketing strategy to be most affective, social media is a must.

After all, if your audience are using a platform more now than ever before, why wouldn’t you focus your attention there?

Andrew Scott webinar

Purplex Marketing was founded in 2004 by Andrew Scott, one of Britain’s leading marketing experts. Andrew has acquired, built, and sold several successful businesses in the industry, including manufacturers, distributors, and retail businesses. Since its establishment, Purplex has grown by at least 34% every year and now boasts a large clientele of customers located throughout the UK and Europe. For more information, get in contact here or call 01934 808132.

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