5 Advantages Of Outsourcing To A Marketing Services Provider

You need marketing. You also need strategy. Mainly, you need strategic marketing tactics that help you find your best customers and connect with them in a meaningful way. But here’s the catch: Good strategy takes time and requires experience. Many companies don’t have data-driven marketing expertise in house, meaning they have to either hire and train an in-house team or outsource to a marketing agency.

When you find yourself at this point, you’re staring down a significant marketing crossroads. It may be tempting to keep things in-house, but that’s a slow process and it’s often not worth the time or money over the long-term, especially for companies outside of the Fortune 100. That’s where an outside marketing organization comes into play. If you’re still not sure how viable that option really is, here are five reasons that outsourcing your strategic marketing to an agency might be exactly what you need:

1. Hit The Ground Running

When you outsource, the pains of hiring, on-boarding, and training vanish. A good marketing partner will have a strong, vetted team from day one. This means you get access to an entire team of experienced professionals all at once so you can start tackling strategy immediately rather than jumping through hoops and assimilating new employees. Speaking of assimilation…

2. A Fresh Perspective

It’s hard to do things differently with a team of people who’ve been doing things the same way for a while. New hires often bring new perspectives, but it’s easy for them to fall victim to group think and suddenly everyone is back in the same rut. An outside marketing services provider skirts this issue by remaining on the outside. They don’t get hit with office politics and they’re not subject to maintaining the status quo. In other words, they see and do things differently.

3. Efficiency, Inside and Out

When you miss deadlines, it’s tempting to cut back on research just to keep things moving. Then you end up right back where you started. If you’re pursuing an entirely new marketing strategy, it can also take considerable time for your in-house team to develop familiarity. When outsourcing these marketing services, companies are able to reallocate internal resources where they’re most needed and effective while letting their marketing partner execute tasks (a short list or an entire campaign), produce solid deliverables, and keep you moving forward.

4. The Best Tech For The Job

Investing in a new marketing team is one thing, investing in the tools this team will need is something else entirely. And it’s a bear. There are thousands of marketing tools to choose from and identifying the most effective option for your needs is a major task. A data-centric marketing partner allows you to automatically benefit from their tools. With that, they can help you understand what tools work and why, saving you time, money and stress.

5. All About ROI

It all comes down to ROI. Whatever your marketing strategy, the ROI needs to be worthwhile. Even with the most effective internal team, sometimes the ROI doesn’t justify the hours. However, marketing agencies define success with ROI and are often held to higher standards when it comes to proving that ROI because they don’t get weighed down with day-to-day distractions. The best partners even hold themselves to those higher standards.

How we can help

With today’s rapidly changing consumer and the new information dynamic, the decision to engage with an outside agency is more a matter of when than if. And it doesn’t have to be one extreme or the other. A hybrid solution in which an outside agency like Target Data works with your internal team can be an effective approach to finding your best customers and developing a truly effective strategy. The team at Purplex has a deep understanding of the Modern Consumer and how to work with you.

We can help you identify and define your objectives, analyze your existing data, and use relevant third-party data to help you create a marketing strategy that works with your needs. Our expertise becomes your greatest asset while your best prospects become your best customers. Think of it this way: What have you got to gain?

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