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Calls-to-action or CTAs often form the crux of any effective marketing strategy or campaign, transforming your prospective customers into hot leads – by making enquiring an attractive proposition.

What is a call-to-action?

Simply put, a call-to-action on a website or email is any form of instruction that provokes an immediate response from your audience to a request you have set in place. In their most basic form, they usually form such phrases as “call now”, “find out more” or “enquire here”.

Simple yet effective, CTAs lead potential customers to your website, or encourage them to take further action once there.

Better engage your audience with innovative ways of web interaction

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Whilst asking reading audiences to “click here to see more” at the end of a page or blog post can have some degree of success as a simple form of CTA, businesses are seeing the benefit in being more inventive and smart in their approach.

By utilising such tools as product builders, pop-up banners on scroll and attractive media downloads, you can better grab the attention of customers, even if they’re unaware that they are registering their interest.

What makes for a good CTA is its ability to be both creative and memorable, whilst never feeling out of place or intrusive in a way that could reduce its success.

Like all things in business, a call-to-action must be relevant, simple to understand and perhaps most importantly beneficial to the consumer. If a call-to-action succeeds at this, your website or other campaign has more of a chance of converting.

Split testing that ensures your CTAs have the most impact possible

One way the effectiveness of a CTA can be assessed is by using what’s known as ‘split’ or ‘A/B’ testing, helping to gauge what version audiences better gravitate towards. Whichever version of a landing page or website converts the most at the end of a test, wins!

So why bother split testing? Traditionally, acquiring more visitors to a website is seen as the best way to boost conversions, yet on average only 1-3% of visitors actively get in touch or make a purchase.

Techniques such as split testing and conversion rate optimisation help to boost this percentage, making it much more likely that your online audiences will convert into leads and enquiries.

We help companies better interact with their target market

As one of the UK’s largest and most successful full-service marketing agencies for the glazing and construction industries, Purplex are well versed and have the knowledge necessary to help our customers implement the most effective CTAs and marketing strategies. Through the use of rigorous split testing, innovative calls-to-action and marketing support, Purplex can ensure that your business coverage will be targeted, effective and engaging.

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