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Les Styles of 4 Seasons with Sean Scott of Purplex Marketing

Les Styles of 4 Seasons with Sean Scott of Purplex Marketing

The construction and home improvement industry is slowing beginning to recover from the effects of the financial crash. As the situation becomes less bleak and increasingly rosy, many installers are beginning to look for investments that will help their businesses grow.

At Purplex, we’ve designed a marketing package specifically for installers in the double glazing industry who want to seriously grow their business. Last year we designed a new website and online marketing package for 4 Seasons, a local conservatory company in Romford. One year on and their business has grown by 400%.

Online marketing with Purplex

One of the secrets of 4 Seasons’ success is simple: they realised the power of digital marketing and used it to their advantage.

In an industry that has been very slow to adapt to the changing way consumers do business in the digital age, 4 Seasons saw an opportunity to stand out from their competitors. We provided a new, fully responsive website, written and designed by expert web designers and copywriters. We also created a bespoke online and content marketing plan to drive leads via their website.

Quadrupled sales in a year

4 Seasons has experienced phenomenal growth because the quality of their digital marketing set them out from their competitors. These competitors were slow to realise the power of digital marketing when it comes to driving leads. Whereas five years ago, the industry was about 80% sales and 20% marketing, nowadays it’s the complete reverse. Marketing is the key to boosting sales and growth. Les Styles, MD of 4 Seasons realised this, invested in digital marketing and his company is now experiencing massive growth as a result.

Invest in digital marketing and watch your business grow

By directly investing in digital marketing, you can help your business boost leads, and ultimately growth. If you need some help, an experienced, full-service digital marketing agency will be able to look after your online presence, generate leads and find customers where they are.

Power your marketing

Here at Purplex Marketing, we helped 4 Seasons navigate the tricky world of digital marketing with ease. With a team of expert digital strategists, talented copywriters and creative web designers, Purplex can really help you power your marketing. For more information about any of our marketing services, give us a call on 01934 808132 or why not request a free marketing review for 2015?

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