Guilty of riding the marketing wave? Here’s how you can avoid it and grow your business profitably.

Sales are slow, so you pump money, time, and effort into your marketing strategy. Sales increase, and your focus is shifted elsewhere to meet the demand. They dip again, so you’re back to the drawing board. They rise, and you turn a blind eye to your marketing once more. Rinse and repeat.

Sound familiar?

This is an example of the ‘marketing wave’ that businesses fall victim to all too often. A tiring, money wasting, and ineffective practice that fails to generate the quality leads and growth your business deserves.

A term coined by Andrew Scott, CEO and founder of Purplex, the marketing wave is defined by reactive marketing strategies which fail to follow any clear plan or structure. Informed by decades of industry experience, here at Purplex we have seen hundreds of businesses trapped in this cycle, and so want to share the secret to avoiding the marketing wave.

When sales are booming, take the time to review your customers. Eliminating poor payers and reviewing your prices and product offering during peak times will help realign your business focus.

We recommend drip feeding your marketing efforts steadily throughout the year. Not only will this help you avoid the seasonal industry lulls, but it will also place your business ahead of the rest by making your message clear, reliable, and well-known.

Anchoring your business with a comprehensive marketing strategy is more critical than ever as the industry contends with our post-pandemic economy and cost-of-living crises. At Purplex, we develop a tailored marketing strategies designed and implemented by our expert creative teams. Led by years of industry experience, we exist to help businesses grow from strength to strength with our multi-channel marketing approach.

To find out how you can achieve your business potential, call us to arrange a no-obligation meeting on 01934 808132 or contact us for more information.


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