Is this the end of PR, creative and digital marketing agencies?

Sam Cross
Outsourcing some or all of your marketing makes business sense. Marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years and very few organisations can effectively manage the complex mix of channels, tools and content that are a ‘must’ these days.

But who do you work with? Do you appoint a PR agency to manage your editorial and raise your business profile, a digital marketing agency to manage your website and online marketing, a creative agency to produce great brand and design work? What about video, and social media… the list goes on.

Using multiple agencies is counter-productive. It causes delays, further expense, a lack of cohesion and sucks up unnecessary time and resources. Agencies end up squabbling and pointing the finger at each other, and the impact and results are vastly diluted.

That’s why many of the most successful companies and brands are moving away from multiple agencies back to genuine full-service agencies.

Why small agencies no longer work

Some companies choose a micro (under 10 staff) or small (under 25 staff) agency to benefit from the ‘personal touch’, to keep costs to a minimum or because they feel a small agency will take better care of them.

It’s a complete illusion. Micro and small agencies don’t have the resources or skills in-house to deliver effective, integrated marketing – it’s back to the same problem as doing it all yourself in a world where marketing is faster, more complex and demands infinitely more skills, resources and technologies than ever before. When the small marketing agency attempts to do it all themselves (and fails), they outsource some elements to expensive third parties without any consistency, or it doesn’t get done at all.

Is this effective? Of course not! And it’s the reason why the marketing industry is changing rapidly. Dinosaurs such as traditional PR agencies or web design companies are dying out fast and small agencies are merging with other specialists or simply ‘treading water’, waiting for the next unsuspecting client to come along.

A different approach to marketing

Purplex took a different route entirely. We set out to be a genuine full service agency and deliver outstanding results for clients – provide a better PR service than the leading PR agencies, be more creative than the top design companies, and more sophisticated at online marketing than the leading digital agencies.

Now with 45 specialist staff, 57% year-on-year growth and 98% customer-retention we still provide the one-to-one personal service of a small agency, but with the resources, skills and technologies to deliver infinitely better results. And here’s the clincher; with huge investment behind Purplex and significant economies of scale, we typically provide much better value, lower overall costs and more return-on-investment.

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