How To Market Your Building Products Like A Pro

A Building products business can be very lucrative, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to grow and compete. If you’re interested in starting or marketing a building products business, this blog is for you! In this post, we’ll go over the benefits of marketing your building products business, discuss how to create marketing goals, develop buyer profiles, build brand awareness, create email marketing campaigns, and set up social media profiles like a pro.

The benefits of Marketing to a building products business

Marketing is an essential part of generating leads for any business, and building products companies are no exception. However, it can be difficult to do it on your own. That’s where marketing services are a perfect solution. There are many options available, so it’s important to choose the right one for your business. By selecting the correct service for your business or asking for advice from a marketing expert you can put your business on the path to growth!

Define your marketing goals

Before you do anything, make sure to define your marketing goals. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, it’s time to start planning your campaign. Use various channels – digital, print, and events – to reach your target audience. Analyze the results of your campaigns and keep adjusting your strategy as needed.

Here are some example goals you could use for your campaign:

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Generate leads
  3. Increase website traffic
  4. Establish industry authority
  5. Increase revenue

Create building product buyer profiles

Marketing your building products can be a daunting task, but it’s important to take the time to create buyer profiles. By doing this, you’ll be able to target the right consumers and create high-converting building product sales. Start by thinking about what type of customer you want to reach and tailor your marketing accordingly.

Consider what interests them, what their concerns are, and how your products or services can address those concerns. When it comes to ads, and other marketing channels, be sure to use targeted content that will reach the right person.

Good marketing companies can create these buyer profiles for you and use them to guide the strategies and tactics employed to grow your business.

Use PR to build your brand

PR is important to develop a brand that consumers can trust and to establish that the brand is a leader in the industry. This means appearing in industry publications, applying for awards and more.

Attend trade shows

Trade shows are an excellent way to market your products to a wide audience. Not only that, but they can also be a great opportunity to network and build relationships with potential customers and partners. Make sure you have the right materials (promotional material, signage, etc.), ready for display so that buyers can see it up close. Above all else, remember to stay positive and enjoy the event – trade shows are meant to be fun! So don’t forget your sense of humor and keep things light during the long days spent on the show floor.

Apply for awards

There are a number of ways businesses can apply for awards and recognition. PR teams can apply for awards which is often a long and complicated process. Awards add prestige to a business and act as a trust signal to potential customers. Awards will also come with their own press coverage, so you can win an award and get some media coverage at the same time.

Advertise in industry publications

There will be industry publications you can advertise in – trade publications, home improvement magazines and more. Your ad should be creative and focus on your product or service.

You should also aim to get media coverage – feature your building products in articles. Keep track of industry trends and make the most of them by advertising in relevant publications. This positions you alongside competitors as well as establishes the expertise you have.

Design and build a lead generating website

You can send traffic to your website but if its not using the correct features its not going to convert any of that traffic to a customer. That’s why it’s important to design a lead generating website that’s user-friendly and looks professional. Additionally, make sure all pages on the site adhere to the E-A-T principles – especially the home page. This will help you target your audience and convert them into leads. Landing pages are a great way to capture leads and convert them into customers.

Hiring experience web developers in your industry ensure a website will be developed to convert as much traffic as possible.

Get instant traffic using paid digital ads

Paid digital ads come in many forms and are a great way of getting instant targeted traffic to your website. There are many different platforms to choose from, so it’s important to find the right one for your business. Once you’ve chosen the platforms you want to advertise on, it’s time to choose an ad campaign that matches your goals and budget. Next, set daily or weekly targets and track results to see if the ads are working. If all goes well, you’ll be able to see an increase in traffic and sales.

Marketing agencies have paid digital ad managers. They can manage your budget and come up with the most efficient strategy for your campaign. This can include PPC, display advertising and more. This improves your ROI, saves time and ensures everything is kept up to date.

Implement an SEO strategy

An SEO strategy will help you rank higher in internet search engines like Google. This involves researching your competitors and implementing strategies that will lead to consistent high value traffic. Next, it’s important to tag your product with the right keywords and include meta descriptions that keyword-rich. You’ll also want to keep track of search engine trends so you can make changes (or additions) to your online marketing strategy as needed. In the end, building products can be a great way to make a profit, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed in organic search. However, most traffic to your site will be from organic search so it’s well worth the effort.

An SEO service provider have the expertise and digital tools available to find out what people search when looking for products or services like yours. Based on this research they can update your website to capture this high converting traffic. This includes work like, optimising your web pages, implementing technical fixes, and publishing new content.

Content marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating and publishing content that generates leads, converts browsers into customers, and strengthens relationships with existing customers. It’s a strategy that involves planning, producing (or buying), distributing, measuring results, and adjusting as needed. When it comes to building a successful product or service online, one of the most important things you can do is create high-quality content. This will help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) when people type relevant keywords into their browsers. In addition to this SEO advantage, rich media such as videos or images can also make your content more engaging for potential consumers.

Build an email list to remind people of your brand

You want to build up an email list in order to remind people of your brand. When they sign up to your email list they may like your product but are not in a position to purchase right now, so we need to remind them you exist so they are triggered to buy from you when the time is right.

Next, it’s important to send out regular emails to your subscriber list. Make sure your emails are well-written and easy to read, and use interesting images and graphics to draw people in. By doing this, you’ll not only remind people of your brand, but also keep them updated on the latest happenings in your industry.

A marketing agency can write and build engaging emails for you. They can also segment your subscribers so you are providing information that is going to resonate with each specific user’s interests.

Expand your audience with Socia Media Marketing

You need to use social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to reach a wider audience and target your potential customers where they spend the most time online. Creating content that is interesting, informative, and attractive can raise the profile of your business and help people find you.

You will be able to interact with your followers in a variety of ways, creating a relationship that can be mutually beneficial. Social media platforms also allow you to share content easily and disseminate it quickly throughout the web. This makes social media marketing an extremely efficient way to reach potential customers and build brand awareness.

Social media marketing can also help to:

  • Build relationships with your followers that help increase trust and credibility.
  • Develop creative strategies for engaging your followers on various topics, which leads to increased conversion rates (more people who see your content click through to learn more).
  • Generate positive word-of-mouth buzz about your brand or product by sharing great experiences from users who have used them. This creates customer loyalty and ensures repeat business down the road!


To market building products effectively, you need to have a strong brand identity and target market. Once you know who your customers are, it’s time to develop a strategy for reaching them. This includes developing print, digital, and event marketing plans. Each step of the marketing process must be carefully planned in order to achieve the desired results.

It takes a lot of work to implement a successful strategy so its more cost effective to hire a building products marketing agency so you can concentrate on delivering the best service to your customers. Purplex are experts in marketing for the building products industry so tell us about your goals and we can tell you how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is building products marketing?

Building products marketing is the process of promoting and selling building materials, fittings, fixtures and finishes to builders, distributors, homeowners and commercial property owners. To do this, companies typically use marketing channels like digital marketing, PR, print ads and events. The first step in building products marketing is to identify your target market segmentation. This involves figuring out who is the intended customer for your building materials, fittings, fixtures and finishes. After identifying these customers, you’ll need to create a targeting strategy. This includes setting a budget and determining which media channels will be used to reach them. You’ll also need to establish quantifiable objectives for each campaign, as well as set measurable goals/objectives for each goal you set. Finally, track results regularly and make changes in response to results.

What are the advantages of building products marketing?

Actively using building product marketing strategies main advantage is lead generation. By marketing using the most effective channel, you can keep your leads and customers consistent while building your brand. This increases your marketshare, profitability and prestige at the same time.

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