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Affirming continuous success within Microsoft Ads (previously known as Bing Ads), we are proud to announce that we have been made an official partner of Microsoft and their network of search engines including Bing, Yahoo, AOL & many others.

Despite Google being the dominant search engine in the UK, 13% of searches are still performed on search engines owned by Microsoft. This is mainly attributed to the number of laptops & computers which use Microsoft Windows and subsequently have Bing pre-installed as the default search engine.

What is Microsoft Partner Status?

Microsoft Partner status, which is only achieved by a select few marketing agencies, now sets us apart from most of our competition. The accreditation is given by Microsoft as proof of expertise on the platform. The status comes with a wide range of benefits for us and our clients, including invites to attend exclusive events & webinars, allowing the Paid Media team to further increase their skills and ultimately improve performance in client accounts.

Reaching this milestone has been of great importance for our Paid Media team and is a testament to the remarkable results they have achieved using Microsoft Ads in the last few years. Throughout the pandemic the team maintained a watchful eye, looking out for trends and making use of our expertise in the home improvements & construction industry. They provided critical insight to clients to attain optimal results, for example:

  • When to increase/decrease advertising budgets (due to lack of competition or demand)
  • Which products & services were converting at a profitable cost-per-lead
  • The locations & postcode areas that regularly had high-ticket orders

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Why use Microsoft Ads?

It’s often cheaper to get results on Microsoft Ads than on its biggest competitor, Google Ads, due to a lack of advertisers. There is a slight drawback though – the limited amount of people who are using Microsoft’s search engines, meaning that the amount of budget that can be spent is also limited.

Bing is the largest of Microsoft’s search engines and as described above, is pre-installed on Windows 10/11 as the default search engine. The result is that most of its users are browsing on a desktop, which helps Bing advertising hold some major advantages over Google:

  • The average age and income of Bing users are higher
  • There is a higher percentage of B2B decision-makers than in other search engines

B2B consumers typically use desktops to browse & shop.

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