Top 10 marketing tips for 2015


Marketing never stands still and there are always exciting new ways you can raise awareness of your company and engage with your target audience. Read our Top 10 Tips to ensure your marketing strategy is firing on all cylinders in 2015.

1.      Get into video

There’s no doubt about it – video is the future of online marketing. Today Youtube receives more than one billion unique visits per month and according to Cisco, in 2017 video will account for 69% of all internet traffic. Producing good quality videos isn’t as expensive as you might think and is a smart investment even for very small businesses.

2.      Make sure your website is fully responsive

53% searches are now conducted on a mobile device, so if you’re website isn’t optimised for a tablet or smartphone, potential customers will stop reading. A fully responsive website that re-scales and re-sizes to fit depending what device it is being viewed on will engage with customers and generate the best results.

3.      Try triggered email campaigns

Targeted triggered email campaigns will nurture lukewarm leads through the buying cycle into red hot prospects. Put some gated content on your website (where people have to leave an email address in order to access the information) to help you collect the right data.  

4.      Use your Pay Per Click (PPC) budget wisely

Google Adwords are a great way of ranking highly in search engines for relevant keywords and driving traffic to your website. But remember Google Adwords isn’t the only PPC solution – you can run PPC campaigns on social media platforms such Facebook and Twitter too. Less companies use social media platforms for PPC compared to Google Adwords so you could get more bang for your buck.

5.      Don’t forget direct mail!

Ten years ago, direct mail was the undisputed lead generation king. However with the rise of the internet, the number of people and businesses using the post to communicate has declined steadily year on year. So is direct mail dead? Quite the opposite! This decline in volume is exactly the reason why you should be using direct mail: People receive less post these days, so the mail we do receive we actually bother to read rather than throwing in the waste paper bin. Purplex clients won millions of pounds of new business through direct mail in 2014 and we are encouraging clients to continue invest in 2015.

6.      Use press advertising

Another traditional marketing channel that you shouldn’t ignore is press advertising. An eye catching advertising campaign running in a top quality magazine or newspaper will strengthen your brand and generate leads.

7.      Content, content content:

Content marketing is all the rage and for good reason – Google punishes websites with poor or duplicate content and rewards websites that are regularly updated with authoritative content with higher rankings. What’s more quality content will build trust with your customers so will result in better conversion rates.

8.      Get social

Many businesses now use Twitter to communicate with customers, potential customers and suppliers. But remember, social media is more than just Twitter – make sure you’re on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and Facebook to maximise customer engagement and brand exposure.

9.      Build your online reputation

Potential customers will scrutinise your business online before contacting you, so having positive reviews on sites such as Check a Trade, Trust a Trader and Google Reviews will paint your business in a the best light.

10.  But do you want to know my top tip? Use the power of PR

Bill Gates once famously said: “If I only had $2 left, I’d spend $1 on PR” and this statement still rings true today. Great PR will win the hearts and minds of your potential customers and is arguably the most valuable form of marketing.

Need help? If you need help with any of the above talk to Purplex. With over 40 staff, all of whom have extensive marketing expertise, we have the skills and resources to put together a powerful campaign that will take your business to new heights and leave your competitors spinning.

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