Why your business needs a 360 virtual tour

With a deep existing base in video and production, at Purplex we are now bringing a whole new level of dynamism to our digital marketing offerings. With 360 virtual tours, we can now provide a unique service to show your business off in a new, multi-dimensional manner.

What is a 360 virtual tour?

Tristan purplex video production teamA 360 virtual tour in simple terms is an online tool that provides a 360° panoramic view of a location, often a showroom or a property. It is an interactive simulation that delivers a new dimension to online marketing. The tour itself is comprised of a collection of panoramic images that are captured from a specialised 360° camera. That, along with further techniques and technology, sees the images stitched together to produce a fully functioning 360° view of a specific location.

However, it is not as easy as just setting up a camera and capturing shots of your targeted focus. For example, when shooting at your chosen site, it is important to keep the camera vertical so that the ensuing shots are able to look natural and straight. Having the camera in a realistic spot for consumers, such as chest or eye-level, can make a big difference to the way the tour is viewed. Also, avoiding reflections and shadows makes natural light easier to provide an enticing product. All these factors help to reduce post-production.

That is why Purplex is the ideal go-to place to elevate your marketing efforts and really show your business off. We take time to analyse where the best spots are within the specified location and position accordingly to capture the perfect shot efficiently and effectively.

Why do YOU need a 360 tour?

360 virtual tours can easily help you to steal a march on your competitors, offering a fresh medium with which to view your business and products. It is an innovative option that can open up a new side to your company. Having an interactive access-all-areas function on your website will, in all likelihood, entice your potential customers to visit in person. The ability to showcase your business and what you have to offer is an easy way to build trust and show transparency. Our industry experts can also include ‘hotspots’ within the tour to explain more about each product and provide users with links to discover further information.

360 tours we have already created

We have already provided our new 360 virtual tour service to several of our clients. Take this 360 virtual tour we did for our client Wolverhampton Glass, for example. As you can see, there is an easily accessible functionality within the tour, able to seamlessly work around the showroom and zoom into products.


360 virtual tours with Purplex

Take your online marketing in an innovative new direction in the form of 360° virtual tours with Purplex. A fresh addition to our video and production setup, our tours will provide an engaging and stimulating representation of your company from the comfort of your future customer’s home. Contact us today and let us elevate your business.

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