Newton increase vetted website leads by 54% in just 12 months

Newton needed a large website to showcase and promote its many products and services along with a brand awareness campaign to put its brand at the front of the minds of its target market. Find out how Purplex rose to the challenge and transformed their lead generation in just a few months.

The Results

15% reduction in cost per conversions on Google Ads


increase in vetted contact forms from the website


increase in organic traffic generated from search engines


increase in direct traffic to the website (illustrating increased brand recognition)

About Newton Waterproofing

Founded more than 170 years ago, Newton Waterproofing is the UK’s leading independent designers and suppliers of guaranteed waterproofing systems. Thanks to an advanced range of waterproofing materials which allow them to design and install effective, robust, and third-party accredited Type A, B and C waterproofing systems in accordance with current legislation and best practice, they can protect all structures, from large-scale commercial developments to new build and existing domestic properties.

The Challenge

Newton Waterproofing needed to update their web presence to promote all of their many products and services. They also needed to raise their brand awareness in publications and online to their target market.

Our Solution

We planned, designed and published a 550 page website to showcase Newtons many products and services and because our websites are technically excellent they had a foundation for the SEO team to build on and catapult their rankings quickly. The success of this combination meant that they could then reduce their PPC budget as traffic started to be generated organically.

PR and email marketing combined to raise the awareness of the Newton brand to their target market.  This resulted in a large jump in direct traffic to the website that was ready to take action whether that be to buy a product or attend training.

In just 12 months this campaign transformed their lead generation.

"Purplex have really shown their worth since we started working with them and they did a fantastic job on our website. They have helped us increase our brand exposure and delivered consistent results. “When it comes to building products, Purplex know the industry and what works, and re-signing back up was an easy decision and one we believe will help us keep pushing forward."
Warren Muschial - Managing Director

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