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mobile email marketingSo, you know that you need to incorporate responsive design techniques for your email marketing campaigns; and you know why you should implement these techniques – you’ll effectively be connecting to a larger audience. But you’re probably wondering how you implement these changes. If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about then take a look at my previous blog post.

Using Media Queries

Let’s cut to the chase. Media Queries are used to detect what type of device the email is being viewed on. Once the type of device has been established, we can set a specific set of styling rules which tell the email how to behave on the desired device. These styling rules can be used to move, resize and even show/hide elements of the email. Handy, eh?

But you’re not limited to the aforementioned styling rules; there are a lot to choose from. But once you get the hang of mobile optimisation, I’m sure you’ll design and develop your email marketing campaigns differently; but for the better of course.

What else do you need to do?

So what happens if you’ve got a great, mobile optimised email campaign but it’s linking through to a website that isn’t mobile optimised? You’ll get a great email open rate, thanks to your great subject line. High click-through rates have been achieved because of your attractive, mobile optimised email design. But the amount of leads hit the floor because your website isn’t mobile optimised.

Joshua Redmond’s blog (Wait, you don’t have a mobile website?) looks at an example of a mobile optimised website to help illustrate the differences between them.

A recent Case Study

We recently undertook a marketing campaign for a client to help them with the launch of their new business. A fresh new website had been developed, which had been optimised for mobile devices, and an email campaign was on the cards to market their business and generate a wealth of leads. We advised our client that the email campaign should be mobile optimised, as we are seeing a large proportion of email opens being viewed on a mobile device. An email that has not been mobile optimised would mean that a large proportion of the recipients are likely to disregard the email, due to its non-user friendly nature (see my previous blog post to see why); this will adversely affect the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

After launching the mobile optimised email campaign, we reviewed the statistics and saw that more than 40% of the opens were on a mobile device. We also saw a large number of leads coming in as the minutes rolled by; we had a very happy (and busy) client, indeed. But just think, if we hadn’t mobile optimised the email campaign or website, the lead generation results could have been 40% lower.

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