The next step in Lead Management

With multi-channel tracking, precision reporting and a fully customisable dashboard, LeadME gives you total control over your leads. Manage your sales team’s workload and measure your success in real-time. Lead Management has never been more straightforward.

Track your leads from multiple channels

LeadME can be integrated seamlessly with your website’s contact forms and QuoteME. Plus it supports manual lead entries. This technology allows you to collate your inbound leads into one accessible, interactive space. Now you observe exactly where your leads are coming from, review which marketing campaigns are working, and strategise how to further improve your business.

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Streamline your sales process

When you know exactly where your lead has come from, you’ll know exactly where to send them next. LeadME lets you delegate leads across your workforce, easily allocate leads to the sales team or showroom.

With this tool, your lead management will become as effortless as it is effective. And with full mobile compatibility, you can manage your leads from anywhere, at any time.

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Witness your growth

LeadME measures the success of marketing campaigns, clearly establishing their ROI through real-time reports and analytics. It’s incredibly easy to spotlight which sources are creating leads and which are underperforming.

The data provided is practical, presentable and purposeful. With LeadME, you can gain a comprehensive, easy-to-understand overview of your progress as you take your business to the next level.

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