5 digital marketing tips for 2023

The festive period is well and truly over, and the great SERP race is back at full throttle. At Purplex, we’re ecstatic to embark on another 12 months of new ideas, new opportunities, and new marketing adventures. As the nation continues to readjust to life without COVID restrictions, it will be fascinating to see which marketing trends will continue to thrive and which will flop. The game is always changing, but here are five tips for keeping up with the pace.

Invest in video marketing

Anyone who’s not been living in the woods knows that TikTok is taking the world by storm. The social media platform reached one billion active users by the end of September 2021. A staggering 6% of those users spend more than 10 hours a week on the app, watching endless feeds of short video content.

There’s still a way to go before the platform surpasses the might of Facebook and YouTube (who both have in excess of two billion global users). However, everywhere you look, it’s clear that social media titans are replicating TikTok’s quick, digestible style. Adobo Magazine reports that 77% of marketers are increasing their video content budget for 2022. This is a sure sign that the visual age of marketing is only just beginning.


Direct marketing gets the goods

Today’s digital marketing world is all about the personalised experience. More than ever, customers want to feel like campaigns are tailored specifically to them. While this can be achieved through mindbending algorithms and groundbreaking AI technology, a simple email can be all it takes to reach a customer’s heart.

Email may sound like something you associate with dial-up internet and cavemen, but it’s actually still the most used online communications format in the world. There are 3.8 billion active email accounts worldwide, 1.8billion more users than WhatsApp. That’s a lot of potential customers. Adding a personal touch to your email content will make your customers feel valued in a way they’ve forgotten to expect. The simplicity and nostalgia of email marketing could make it a very viable path for brands to follow in 2022.

Make your customers part of a story

Storytelling has always been the key to successful digital marketing. However, it’s no longer enough to tell your story. In this epoch of instant gratification, customers don’t care what you’re doing. They care about what you can do for them, and how you can fulfill their unique needs as efficiently as possible.

Remember, particularly in the social media marketing universe, each person is their own brand. As such, marketers need to find new ways of actively engaging customers and putting them at the centre of campaigns. With the rise of Mark Zuckerberg’s latest initiative, the Metaverse, that centralising could come in the form of interactive Virtual Reality experiences, though that technology is still in its early stages.

Copywriting with link building

Level up your content

2022 will see the continuance of Google’s MUM update. MUM stands for Multitask Unified Model. Once it’s in full swing, it’s going to be able to draw from multiple sources in order to provide users with comprehensive answers to complex queries. It will even have the capacity to translate information from over 75 different languages. That means your content is now swimming in a much, much larger pond.

To be a big fish, target research is going to have to be much more vigorous, and content quality will have to take another step up. More than ever, you have to make sure that your content marketing is delivering exactly what your audience wants, and in the best possible way.

Find your own voice

No matter what year it is, this advice will remain the same. Digital marketing has always been about knowing where to assimilate and where to strike out on your own. So, while we recommend following the advice above, we urge companies to implement these strategies in their own way.

If you’re using TikTok, don’t just follow the same memes and trends as everyone else. If you’re creating an email campaign, think about how you can make it stand out from every other email campaign of the past.

Be the voice that everyone else tries to mimic. No matter what fads 2022 throws at us, remember to carve your own path and stick to what makes your brand remarkable.

It’s time to build

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